Prosperity Automated System Under Sec Investigation – New Player In The “no Selling

However, extra information is forwarded to people who register in this pre-launch phase at the web site.. She can be found at:

Registration Link & Info

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They followed the PAS business model while at the same time took time to replace the flows in it with improved services and an unbelievable product. Anyone interested can go and register for free.

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Laura Cozzi is an owner of a Prosperity International Business License. Besides this huge product package, the company will offer business opportunity licenses that can be purchased for an undisclosed price yet. The pre-launch registration of people interested to be part of this new giant on this market began already on Oct 5, 2006. Jones – Communicate Translation Service is an expert interpretation service business. The owners of “Prosperity International ” are Simon Johansson and Harmony Thiessen , from Megawealth Corporation.

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The company main pre-registration web site claims that if:

” 1. We could interpret Japanese, German, French, Chinese, Russian, to English And English … Langley – Communicate Translation Service is professional interpretation service company. You don’t want to do any selling, or spend endless hours on the phone making cold calls and having to chase, interview, qualify & close prospects, mail expensive brochures … You have absolutely no previous knowledge about making money from the internet, or any technical knowledge about computers…

By: Laura Cozzi

Due to an unbelievable demand and scrutiny, the Prosperity Automated System ( Owner: Bill O.) has been investigated by the SEC for a couple of weeks now.

While at this time no one knows the results of this investigation, there is a new player on the “No Selling – No Calling” businesses arena: “The Prosperity International”.

…then this business is for you!

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The launch of Prosperity International is the most eagerly awaited event of 2006. Jones –

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The new “Prosperity International ” business is a totally legit business and SEC compliant. Regardless of th … In spite of the lat … Tags: business research reports, custom research reportMarket Research And The Little Smart Heads Up By: IndustryARC – Marketing analysis is not an alien concept for the already running companies. It thoroughly studies the impact of a certa … Tags: seo strategies, engine search optimization, seo softwareWhy Us Businesses Need To Consider Spanish Translation Services By: Katy M. They saw the potential of a business similar to PAS due to the success that PAS has had for almost one year, but at the same time they took note that a business model like that needs to be improved by offering an outstanding product and a real business opportunity – which would make it SEC-proof.

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