New York Jets 2006 Schedule by Sebastien Sports

Week 1 against in Tennessee is no gimme and neither is week 3 in Buffalo. Adding Ramsey will help when and if Chad Pennington gets hurt again, which seems to be very likely. . Their four wins came against the Miami Dolphins, Tampa Bay Bucs, Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills. Sure, some other players left, but those where the more mentionable players.

It’s conceivable that this Jets team will be 0-6 or 1-6 going into week 7 against the Lions. Could this season be any better for the disappointing New York Jets? What hope do Jets fans have? The Jets seem to be a team of players that just can’t get the job done. Here’s the breakdown of the 2006 season.

To try and improve, the Jets went out and picked up some new players. They will most likely lose in weeks 2,4,5 and 6 for sure. I wouldn’t say that any one of their four wins were impressive performances.

The New York Jets were 4-12 last season. The schedule is fairly competitive and the Jets just aren’t that solid. In the offseason, they lose Kevin Mawae to Tennessee, Jason Fabini to Dallas, John Abraham to Atlanta (via a trade) and Oliver Celestin to Seattle. Will these guys contribute enough to get the Jets winning again? The Jets picked up Anthony Clement, Brad Kassell, Andre Dyson, Tim Dwight, Trey Teague, Matt Chatham, Tim Dwight, Kimo von Oelhoffen and Patrick Ramsey. You would think that a team that only won 4 games would shed some more weight. It might be too much for the Jets to win both on the road with all the other tough games surrounding these dates.

Week 1: @ Tennessee Titans

Week 2: New England Patriots

Week 3: @ Buffalo Bills

Week 4: Indianapolis Colts

Week 5: @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Week 6: Miami Dolphins

Week 7: Detroit Lions

Week 8: @ Cleveland Browns

Week 9: Bye

Week 10: @ New England

Week 11: Chicago Bears

Week 12: Houston Texans

Week 13: @ Green Bay Packers

Week 14: Buffalo Bills

Week 15: @ Minnesota Vikings

Week 16: @ Miami Dolphins

Week 17: Oakland Raiders

It’s very hard seeing this Jets team win more than 4-6 games. Any game that is viewed as potentially soft is followed up by one that’s probably not winnable for this team. Now, they have a new coach. They really don’t get any breaks. Will anything change for the better or will this be another year they struggle, but this time under a “new” system?

Despite losing 12 games, the Jets didnt lose many players

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