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This exchange service helps players keep their accounts funded, as well as getting the most out of their money by taking advantage of price fluctuations while trading between different coins. 11 19, 2016 Over the week of Apr. Bitcoinist is not responsible for this firms products and/or services.

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Underage Teens and Online Gambling: The New Generation of Addiction

Ca. The Cramers were facing hard times just as many others is in today’s economy. The sudden recent increase in money he spent gambling was due to the fact that he became worried, he wasn’t winning the money he had planned on and he was spending more than he knew he should be. Leslie was aware of her son playing poker online but figured it was a way for her two sons to connect, it was something fun they did together and she was told no real money was involved. Leslie had a huge eye opener as a mother and is now left with an excessive amount of debt as they were living off of that savings while she was looking for a higher paying job. Additionally, one in every ten teens is at risk for developing a gambling problem. But for this story, like so many others, nothing got better- it only got worse. Finally being left with no other choice he admitted what he had done, with his head hung low Andrew muttered the words, “I spent the money, it was me”. Leslie Cramer, of Ladera Ranch. Upon contacting the bank she was informed that over $7,000 had been spent on internet transactions over the course of a few months. Gambling is becoming the new generation of addiction. The more he spent, the more he lost. The more he lost, the more he spent. If only she has seen the signs sooner.

Andrew, a sophomore in high school, was a star student. In the recent months Andrews grades started to slip, he quit football, and lost interest in almost all of the things he use to love. She never had reason to doubt her son as he has always been honest and was a good kid. Many parents may not even be aware of the fact that their children are involved in online gambling until it is to late.

In November, 2009 a single mother of a 15 year old boy told the horrifying story of her sons secret online gambling addiction that cost them almost everything that they had. Four of her children are grown and living on their own except for her youngest son Andrew, 15. Living in a more upscale neighborhood in California and trying to make ends meet, Leslie was left stressed and her struggles often showed. is the single mother of five children. To many poker is seen as the new sport of the century. Upon returning home she confronted her son, she asked him to log into his account on Poker Stars, where he spent most of his time playing online poker, he refused. No one knows just how he squeezed through the system as a 15 year old, but he did. Even more upsetting is knowing that someone he loved, his older brother, introduced him to such an addicting habit. Another study, conducted by ICM on behalf of NCH and Tesco Telecoms, found that 13% of children are never supervised while using the internet. He was part of the high school football team, a great athlete, and brilliant with web design and video production. In addition, 46% of children can get around blocked websites that their parents may have placed and 65% of children know how to clear website history (NCH and Tesco Telecoms 2006).

Our children are much more technologically inclined than we may know.

These findings are a huge wake-up call, especially to parents. Like any gambling addict he was caught in a vicious cycle looking for that win, the win that makes it all better. At first she contemplated where the money had gone, how it got spent, was it fraud? She decided to go into the bank and spent hours investigating the charges. She asked again, and again he refused. In this case it was an older sibling.

Other articles on online gambling:

Online Gambling is on the rise among young children and teens. The Gambling Commission did an extensive study in 2008 and they found a great deal of important information in regards in regards to children and gambling:

Over time Leslie began seeing her bank statement balance decrease. Leslie had always made a great deal of money as a private RN but recently lost the client she cared for and was having a hard time finding a comparable salary. Tournaments are televised, we watch celebrities play poker on TV, and now kids can have their own version of casino style poker right at their fingertips. It is usually parents who set this example and children tend to follow. One of the greatest resources for children to access gambling is online. According to the state Department of Human Services, one in every 25 teens already has a gambling problem. At first she figured it was a bill here and there, being busy with work she brushed off the subsiding dollar amount in her savings account. Andrews older brother introduced him to online gambling a few months back. Online e-casinos allow children the possibility of accessing online gambling right from their own home. Andrews mother figured the changes were due to him being a typical teenager. Additionally, she never considered money being a factor as she knew her son had no access to money. He gained access to her bank account information and signed up for an account that drafted money from her savings account. Although laws are set up to restrict children from using these sites, the restrictions rarely work. It is our responsibility to keep them safe and share the affects of gambling and it’s addictiveness. Sadly, an innocent gesture turned into a horrible addiction that cost his mother her entire savings. Andrew is now left with a great deal of guilt. In regards to problem gambling, poker has become one of the top three gambling addictions. Although online sites are suppose to restrict access to children there is no full proof way to keep kids out.

Some of the most popular gambling sites are those that offer poker and other card games where tournaments can be played and children can make live bets against other members for money. . The implications of underage gambling are detrimental. Regardless of where it is learned, it is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. Parents must be aware of how and when their children are using the internet. Leslie teared up as she re-told this story, her eyes were filled with both hurt and disappointment. He knows he was wrong and knows that it became a very bad and addicting habit.

Apparently Andrew was concerned about his mothers financial state and after his older brother introduced him to the world of online gambling he felt he could help. Andrew spent much of his time with his older brother as his mother worked long hours as an RN. In fact, the Federal Trade Commission did some searching of there own and found out the extensive number of online gambling sites that allowed children to sneak their way in regardless of age and credit card access.

If you feel your child may suffer from gambling addiction help, advice, and treatment referrals can be obtained through the National Council On Problem Gambling’s confidential hotline at: 1-8000-522-4700.

Online Gambling: The Multi-Billion Dollar Addiction

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~Introduction to gambling early on in life can increase the likelihood of becoming an addictive gambler later in life.

~Children of parents who are heavy gamblers are more likely to become problem gamblers themselves.

~Boys are more likely than girls to develop gambling problems.

~Children with gambling problems are more likely to use drugs and alcohol.

~Children with gambling problems are more likely to experience depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts and or attempts.

~Children with gambling problems are more likely to perform poorly at school.

Most children who find their way into the world of gambling do so by learning from others. After a few weeks she decided to call the bank as her balance was now substantially low and had gotten significantly lower within a few short days

Texas Woman Scammed by ‘Friend’ in ‘Facebook Lottery’

The spokesman pointed readers to the Facebook Help Center to avoid scams. When she later asked her coworker about the lottery, he said he had no knowledge of it, KTRK reported.

White appears to have been the victim of what the FBI calls an “advance fee scheme.” That’s when a victim pays money to someone while expecting something of greater value, such as a loan or gift.

Adam Levin, chairman of Identity Theft 911 and security columnist for ABC News, said fee scams are quite common these days.

“Social networking sites have become petri dishes for those whose day-job is the exploitation of others, Levin said. The “friend” told White to contact another person via Facebook to collect her winnings. Advance fee scams are but one common vial of snake oil in the many pockets of a con-man’s overcoat.”

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office told ABC News that a complaint was filed on Tuesday and it was turned over to the criminal investigation bureau.

White could not be reached for comment by ABC News.

Facebook told ABC News, Scams violate our policies, and we take action on accounts found to be spreading them. We recommend being suspicious of claims that sound too good to be true.

. She said she was shown documents that wrote United States with lowercase letters and included phrases with incorrect punctuation, according to the KTRK story.

But she was swayed when the person on Facebook showed her documents signed by Barack Obama that said, This is a Real proof you won $250,000.00.

“Shame on me,” White told ABC affiliate KTRK in Houston.

“I’m a sucker, I guess,” she said. “I believed it.”

Her gullibility and her eagerness to collect the $250,000 prize instead cost her $750.

The Facebook message that told her she had won appeared to have come from a friend at work. A woman in Texas says she was the victim of a well-worn scam, but what was unique in her case was that the fraudulent pitch came to her through a Facebook “friend” and was allegedly endorsed by President Obama.

Kris White admits that she shouldn’t have been fooled last week by the Facebook message saying she had won $250,000 in a “Facebook Powerball lottery,” ABC News affiliate KTRK reported. They are the new casino of dreams where the game is rigged against true believers, dreamers and perpetual optimists. In order to collect, however, she was instructed to make two wire transfers totaling about $750 to an individual in South Africa to cover the taxes. White said she was promised the money would be delivered to her home on Monday, KTRK reported, but the money never came

Win At The Dog Track With Graded Greyhound Handicapping

This is exactly the wrong way to handicap one of those grades and will almost guarantee that you’ll lose your bet.

However, although it’s the wrong way to handicap an A race, it can work in M, if you know the two factors that predict how well a puppy will do in M. They’d keep it and be millionaires.

Many people are still chasing the impossible dream. A greyhound handicapping system that takes no time or effort on their part. They’re right there on the program, but they might as well be written in Greek, because very few bettors realize their significance.

But how much attention does the average bettor pay to the grade of a race? Except for noticing it at the top of the program, many bettors don’t even think about what each grade means. Instead, they’d make more money and cash more tickets, if they invested in a system that actually works with a little time and a little practice.

This is an example – one of many – of the importance of not getting stuck with old fashioned handicapping systems that take a one-size-fits-all approach to picking winners at the dog track.

So, most of the time, bettors handicap a Grade A race the same way they handicap a Grade M race. My theory is that anyone who isn’t willing to put some time and effort into learning how to handicap the dogs, won’t do very well.

For many years, so-called “experts” have been telling us that there’s a “secret formula” that will pick winners automatically. More importantly, they don’t seem to realize that each grade needs to be handicapped in a different way.

Grade is everything when it comes to greyhound handicapping. I say, if that were true, they wouldn’t be selling the system. They start out by looking for the dog that “looks better” than the other dogs. It was designed to separate the dogs into groups with similar abilities. Like baseball, basketball and other sports, the games – or races – aren’t fair if one player -or greyhound – has a big advantage over the other ones.. Graded Greyhound Handicapping, on the other hand, while not an automatic system, does pick winners with a little effort and time spent learning it from the bettor

Nevada OKs Online Gambling – ABC News

Also the games couldnt be played by online players in states that prohibit gambling.

Some New Jersey legislators wanted to beat Nevada into cyberspace, but an Internet gambling bill introduced there in January is stuck in committee. The Internet gambling provisions were amended into the bill after an initial plan for such gambling died in the Senate.

Issues to Address

To ensure Nevadas expansion into Internet gambling moves ahead smoothly, the state Gaming Control Board and state Gaming Commission must first draft and adopt rules governing such gambling.

Those requirements would include assurances that minors wouldnt be able to play. That plan, to let casinos offer blackjack, roulette, slot machines and other games over the Web, is unlikely to see action before upcoming summer break.

Hefty Fees

Nevada state Sen. Kenny Guinn for signature on a 17-4 state Senate vote, began as a uniform statewide work card system for casino workers. State officials say court challenges could change the federal governments position.

Experts estimate that revenues from Internet gambling largely conducted by offshore companies because of the U.S. ban reached $1.5 billion last year and could quadruple by 2003.

Nevadas bill, which moved to Gov. Legislators have approved a bill allowing Nevada to become the first state in the nation to offer Internet gambling, a jackpot that could be worth $6 billion to casinos by 2003.

Lawmakers approved the bill Monday even though the Justice Department considers Internet gambling illegal. Casinos would pay a 6 percent tax on the gross win from the Internet.

. Terry Care, a Democrat, opposed the latest bill, saying the $500,000, two-year licensing fee for Internet gambling would makes it impossible for small casinos and entrepreneurs to participate.

What this is asking us to do is to legislatively sanction a monopoly for an exclusive few that has always prided itself on the competitive nature of the marketplace, Care said.

But state Senate Judiciary Chairman Mark James, a Republican, said the $500,000 fee ensures that reputable companies undertake Internet gambling.

Hotel-casinos with unrestricted gambling licenses could apply to conduct Internet gambling, posting the $500,000 fee when applying for two-year licenses.

A manufacturer of an interactive gambling device would pay a $250,000 license fee; a $100,000 fee would be assessed against a manufacturer of equipment associated with a gambling device; and a $50,000 fee would be charged for a license of a manufacturer of peripheral equipment

Euro Millions Lottery

Gavin is also a leading affiliate for the e-Lottery Syndicate System. A rise in the quantity of individuals partaking in the Euro Millions lottery will lead to a continuing increase of the already considerable EuroMillions jackpots. By: sinuse – Toto dan togel loteri Singapura menawarkan banyak peluang untuk menang kerana terdapat pelbagai jenis gabungan dengan mana seseorang itu boleh menang.Tags: Togel, Toto SingaporeMemiliki Permainan Online Bolatangkas. I know t … As an e-Lottery syndicate member you play with a thirty-six times greater prospect of securing the jackpot when compared to all those people purchasing tickets in the normal manner. By: sinuse – The Indonesian form of poker bolatagkas is a very popular on-line game.

Normally, to play the Euro Millions you would have to be a resident of one of the nine participating member countries. Tags: Sportstoto 4D

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EuroMillions Prizes And Odds

A Selection Of The Top Euro Millions Wins

By: Gavin WJ Evans

The Euro Millions was in the beginning set up by the national lotteries of France, Spain and the UK and was launched on Saturday The 7th of February 2004.

Casino-Gambling RSS Feed | RSS feed for this author. The first draw was on Friday the 13th of February 2004 in Paris. Tags: mobile pokiesHow To Win Powerballs Jackpot As A Begginer! By: macktop – Winning powerball jackpot is not as complex as people use think. The main purpose of playing powerball is to win it one day. Using any good strategy couple with a bit of luck can nick you the jackpot! To win power ball jackpot you must know h … Pokies are one such game that was developed decades ago and continue to earn the same craze to its credit; … During the draw, 5 main and 2 lucky star numbers are then picked at random from two draw machines containing numbered balls. I know that people reading this article will probably be saying to themselves that can this be p … Up to now, this is the biggest lottery win of all time in the UK.

How To Play The EuroMillions Lottery

The new rules also initiated Euro lottery “Super Draws” which happen twice every year and present jackpots in the region of 100 million. Market Outlook On Console Video Games In Greater China, 2013-2018 By: Market Reports on China – presents a report on Market Outlook on Console Video Games in Greater China, 2013-2018. New rules brought in on the 9th of February 2007 limit the quantity of successive rollovers to eleven, with the jackpot rolling down to lower prize levels in the eleventh draw if the prize is not won.

On 8 February 2008, the Super Draw jackpot of 130 million was collected by sixteen persons who matched the 5 main numbers and 1 Lucky Star number. Tags: powerball lottery, powerball number, powerball winning numbers, powerballHow To Pick Winning Powerball Numbers “” Guaranteed To Work! By: macktop – How to pick winning powerball numbers is a serious topic that very lotto players should try to read and practice.

The probability of picking up the Euro Millions jackpot is a distant 1 in 76 million but the chances of winning a cash prize is a fairly decent 1 in 24. It is played based in a five card draw.Tags: bola tangkas, tangkasnet, bolatangkasPokies Now Being Played Online Through The Smart Electronic Interfaces And Smart Devices By: Adammark – Some gaming orientations have emerged as really popular among the seekers. With the amount of nations joining the European Union increasing, this will clearly lead to new states signing up to the EuroMillions lottery. However, with the launch of lottery ticket sales agents you can now acquire your desired amount of Euro Millions tickets via the web regardless of where you are located worldwide.

EuroMillions Playing Options

In November 2006, having rolled over eleven times, the Euro lotto jackpot reached 183 million and was split between 20 lucky ticket purchasers. How to get good and great lottery s …

Article Published On: – Casino-Gambling

In August 2007, a forty year old ex- Royal Mail postal officer from Scotland scooped a Euro lotto jackpot of 52.6 million. With e-Lottery there are very few geographic obstacles restricting individuals from registering and as a result the existing membership is made up of persons from no fewer than 133 worldwide nations.

About the Author:

Gavin Evans is a full time internet marketer living in the market town of Cowbridge in South Wales, UK. If the jackpot is not won in a given week, it is carried forward to the following week which leads to an ever increasing Euro Millions prize fund. Tags: powerball lottery, powerball number, powerball winning numbers, powerballReview Of Toto 4d Results Web Portal By: Georgetta – A lot of individuals in Malaysia play sports Toto 4D, 5D, 6D or magnum lottery games and individuals search numerous sites for outcomes as quickly because the lottery draw are carrie … This report does not discuss the specific players in the marke … The UK, France and Spain were the only three countries participating from the outset but lotteries from Austria, Belgium, the Republic of Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland also came on board in October 2004. Tags: China’s services industry, China Service and ManufacturingMencuba Nasib Anda Dengan Loteri Di Singapura, Toto Singapura. Tags: powerball lottery, powerball number, powerball winning numbers, powerballPowerball Orientation: How To Play And Win Powerball In Less Than A Week By: macktop – Powerball is a game that can be play in all over the world except in some Africa continent. Lottery system is wonderful if you use the right one. If you are looking for a boost in your Euromillions odds, you may also consider joining an e-Lottery EuroMillions syndicate.

Each player must choose 5 main numbers from 1 to 50 and 2 Lucky Star numbers from 1 to 9. The difference with Super Draws is that the jackpot must be won during the week of the draw; as a result, if no ticket matches all the drawn numbers then the jackpot will be rolled down to the next winning prize tier. I dont want people to keep loosing their money playing this game. Discover the advantages of playing the UK National Lottery and the El Gordo as an e-lottery syndicate member. Tags: powerball lottery, powerball number, powerball winning numbers, powerballLottery System: Which Lottery System Is The Best In The Market? By: macktop – I am a regular lotto player and I use to play using lottery system as part of my strategies. Tags: powerball lottery, powerball number, powerball winning numbers, powerballTips To Win Powerball Jackpot: How To Detect Unusual Patterns And Win In 30 Minutes! By: macktop – Many people did not know that powerball jackpot could be won in less than 30 minutes.

The EuroMillions lotto or the Euro lottery, as it is often known, gathers the stakes of the nine partaking European countries resulting in a mammoth Euro Millions jackpot. Power ball lottery is ..

Gambling |

How does gambling affect an individual? What are its effects on society? Read this Buzzle article to know about the negative impact of gambling.

Internet Gambling Facts and Problems

What do you know about Internet gambling? Are you aware of the problems associated with it? Read on to know them and find some alarming facts about online gambling, in this article.

Impact of Internet Gambling

So many of us are attracted to gambling online. The thrill in betting money and that excitement in the uncertainty of winning or losing it is addictive. With so many…

. Some of us are addicted to the habit, without even knowing that.

Reasons Why Gambling Should Be Illegal

Why gambling should be illegal

What are the adverse effects of gambling? How does it affect society? Should gambling be legal? We don’t think so and here we bring you an article that discusses the reasons why gambling should be illegal.

Negative Effects of Gambling

Gambling is bad

Gambling is the act of betting money with the expectation of profits

States Race To Legalize Online Gambling

The catch, however, is that the new laws apply only to people physically present in the individual states.

“If you are flying to Vegas you are not necessarily doing so with the aim of being able to fire up your laptop and gamble,” said ITG casino analyst Matthew Jacob, pointing out that most people go to Vegas for its casinos. “But they are always short lived.”

States hit hard by the financial crisis, and by the increasing costs of retirement and healthcare benefits, are still struggling to plug big budget holes, and many expanded gaming as they looked in every corner for new sources of revenue.

Such pacts would come in addition to relationships many casinos have with overseas online gaming companies. Without a wide range of active games, states could lose business to the unregulated offshore sites that dominate the market currently.

A partnership with New Jersey, which has more than three times as many residents, would boost the pool of potential players dramatically. government has long considered online wagering illegal, but the Department of Justice in late 2011 clarified its stance, paving the way for states to unilaterally legalize some forms of online gambling.

New Jersey is now the third state to approve online gambling, after Nevada and Delaware. Party Digital Entertainment, the world’s largest listed online gaming group, has a joint venture with MGM and Boyd Gaming.

By Deena Beasley and Nichola Groom

A state’s population is a key factor for the new gaming programs. Nevada’s law legalized only online poker, while New Jersey’s allows for a broad array of games, including online slots, blackjack and other table games.

“I would be shocked if within a few years there aren’t multiple states cooperating,” said Tom Goldstein, an attorney who has represented online gaming companies. For instance, technology that allows states to detect where a person is playing online — so that someone in New York can’t access New Jersey’s online gaming system, for instance, is not totally foolproof. Gibraltar-based Bwin. A 2012 analysis by Stateline, a project of the Pew Center on the States, found that of the 13 states that had legalized casinos, casinos at racetracks or lotteries in the previous decade, more than two-thirds “failed to live up to the initial promises of projections made by political and industry champions of legalized gambling.”

At the same time, Durbin said it will take time to find common ground. With just 2.7 million residents, Nevada could have trouble attracting enough in-state players to its online poker games to offer a range of limits, or the minimum and maximum amounts a player can wager on one bet. Now comes the hard part: banding together with other states to attract more gamblers, drive up jackpots and lure players away from offshore websites.

While it may be hard for states to not make a run for the money, historic trends show revenue spikes from gambling are anything but a steady stream. Once that happens, Goldstein expects a “steamroller effect where a state legislature says ‘Why are we passing up on tens of millions of tax revenue every year?”

“If individual jurisdictions go about setting up their own individual processes without the industry as a whole looking at it together, it’s going to be a very difficult thing to do,” said Craig Durbin, committee chair for the lottery subcommittee of the National Association of Gaming Regulators.

The U.S. “New Jersey is bigger, but the opportunity comes when a number of states are up and operators can span across those states.”

According to American Gaming Association, about 85 countries have legalized online gambling, and an estimated $35 billion is bet online worldwide each year, including millions of people in the United States through offshore websites. Rival company 888 Holdings is partnered with Caesars Entertainment, while Wynn Resorts is partnered with PokerStars.. States received an estimated $7.5 billion in direct gaming revenue in 2011 on a fiscal year basis through licensing fees, taxes and other allocations, according to Fitch Ratings.

“Revenues generated through online gaming will hike in the beginning,” said Lucy Dadayan, a senior policy analyst at the Rockefeller Institute of Government in Albany, New York. Nevada will keep 6.75 percent of the dollars won from online poker players. If they want to offer the big jackpots that attract scores of players, they are likely to look outside their borders to combine gaming offerings and set regulations, much as they have with multi-state lottery drawings like Powerball and Mega Millions.

(Additional reporting by Hilary Russ; editing by Edward Tobin and Andrew Hay)

“We are encouraged to know that states are talking to one another. Every state except Hawaii and Utah collects some kind of revenue from lotteries, casinos or other types of wagering. They are crafting their own legislation and legal frameworks but are talking with other states in anticipation of compacting with multiple states,” said MGM CEO Jim Murren.

Las Vegas-based MGM Resorts International told Reuters in October that several states were already in talks about how to link interactive gaming plans.

New Jersey will take 15 percent of the amount won by online casinos from players within its borders. If more states sign up for online gaming and form a large, multi-state system, the numbers of players could soar — and so will tax revenues.

Cooperation would also help states regulate the market by sharing resources for identifying where gamblers are located and guarding against under-age gambling, stolen identities and credit card fraud.

“There’s going to be intense competition for customers,” Michael Paladino, a Fitch Ratings senior director, said.

(Reuters) – New Jersey Governor Chris Christie this week finally approved online gaming in the Garden State. More stringent geolocation options could “put limitations on growth, or on the ability to create revenue,” Durbin said.

Several other states, including Massachusetts, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa and Mississippi, are weighing some kind of online gambling legislation

Casino-Gaming :: Learn PLO8 Strategy from One Of The World’s Premier Players

Bottom line here, you are on a flush draw to try to get lucky to get your chips back. In order to survive, you must always keep the pot within reasonable limits to pursue draws. What do you do?

You have absolutely no flush potential. Again you are heads up.

The nut low is already made. PLO8 is my game. YOU CANNOT WIN HERE! I will still fold this hand most times with 3 way action… EVER… and the ones that do will stand very little chance against the sharks they are now in the water with.

How to play when you flop the nut low? CHECK! If you have no high or potential for high. AA2x or AA3x late in a tournament I will make a pot size raise preflop and take my chances of doubling up or getting knocked out, but these are pretty much the only hands I will take that chance with.

I will limit this blog to the 3 most important topics to master to become a winning player at PLO8. See how the action goes. I don’t care if I have AA23 double suited. The flop heads up comes A46 with 2 hearts. You will see primarily the best PLO8 players in the money in a PLO8 tournament. PLO8 is a game of draws and calculating the math of draws, so keep pot size controlled until you end up with the nuts.

Quality Starting Hands












A-2-x-x (with suited ace)



2-3-4-5 (Muck when no ace and other low card is flopped)





2-3-4-x (fold when no ace and other low card hits the flop)

Any four cards between a 10 and ace

Early in a PLO8 tournament, I NEVER raise… Personally, I do not. Pot Control

3. Putting Your Chips In The Pot In Hopes To get Them Back.

In the late stages of a tournament, when the blinds are big, I am looking primarily to play two way hands (two big cards and two little cards preferably double suited or at least single suited.)

Case study #1: You have AA47. All too often you will get 1/4 or 1/6th or even less of a monster pot which will cost you a ton of chips.

Will I call a raise outside of the big blind with this hand? No. Also, can your low be counterfeited where you could lose all of your chips and be out of the tournament after flopping the nut low and being too aggressive? Advantage, when the low is still good on the river, worse lows will usually pay you off… calling small bets is OK.

In a dealt omaha hi lo hand there is a 60% chance of a low being possible by the river… there will be 3 or more different cards 8 or lower on the board.

2 Low Cards (example A-2-J-Q), probability of making a low by river = 24%

3 Low Cards (example A-3-4-K) probability of making a low by river = 40%

4 Low Cards (example 3-4-7-8) probability of making a low by river = 49%

If you are constantly playing cards without low possibilities and missing draws, you will deplete your chips in no time. although I will check this flop with 3 or more way action.

POT SIZE CONTROL:. PERIOD! It was the best hold em advice that I could get as a beginning player.

Case study #2: You have A45K with nut hearts. It is also a poker game with an extremely low luck factor. Furthermore, when you play high hands and draw and get lucky and hit your draw, all too often the low will complete also and you will not actually increase your chip stack by constantly splitting pots with the low.


How to play when you flop the nut low and either a made high or big high hand draw? BET! Value bet because you want callers. Your opponent bets pot. If you continue in this hand, you will end up putting MANY or ALL of your chips into the pot and hoping to get lucky to get them back… I have consistently been ranked in the top 1% in the world of online players in PLO8. I have played over 20,000 PLO8 tournaments and have learned the game every step of the way.

How to play the nut low. Once again, (in the vast majority of instances)you cannot win here. Will I call a small raise in the big blind? Yes, but I will proceed with extreme caution.

I have talked about survival strategy repeatedly on this website and posts. especially when they have the second nut low. The flop comes 864 with 2 hearts. or any pot limit tournament, is failure to understand the importance of controlling the size of the pot.

Allow me to give you this advice on PLO8: It is primarily a low card game… NEWSFLASH: It is possible for more than one player to have the nut low.

The nut low, by itself, can be one of the biggest chip drainers in PLO8. You bet and your opponent makes a pot size raise. They have other draws straight and flush to go with the MADE low. PERIOD!


Correct Answer: FOLD!

Many players will like this hand in the late stages of the tournament. I believe it is the easiest game to take advantage of bad players. If you are drawing give yourself the opportunity to win part of the pot when you miss your high hand draw but still complete the low. Unlike hold em, there will be very few bad players that get lucky and advance… don’t put too many chips in the pot without it. Nut Game

4. They are SURE you would have bet the nut low already and now assume you only made a high hand.


Correct Answer: FOLD!

CONGRATULATIONS! You now understand PLO8 tournament strategy.

Late in the tournament, I will raise several hands especially with position, but I will play wisely after the flop to prevent any pot from getting too large and being my demise.

MuckItForMe (Party Poker up until end of 2006)

ChiCubbies07 (Full Tilt after Party Poker banned US players 2006)

These statistics do NOT include cash games and sit and go tournaments.

A-2 with a big pair or double suited I will min raise, All other premium starting hands I will limp. REPEAT: OMAHA HI LO IS A NUT GAME! Low ends of straights, king high flushes, and non-nut full houses (occasionally top full houses) will often be the end of a bad player’s tournament.

When I first started playing hold em, I was given the advice that hold em was a high card game…. What do you do?

Time to get my “brag” on… You cannot ever gain chips in this pot t. How to play a low draw? Check! If you only have the nut low draw and zero high draw, do not call a bet of any significant size… In a multi way pot with a reasonable size bet, I will at least see the turn card in this scenario.

The low is made by your opponent. If you do make a low heads up against a raise, too often you will get quartered and lose chips to the same low and a better high. bet enough to slowly build the pot so if you hit your high draw you can quarter the hell out of the other low 😉

There are so many aspects to consider to play winning PLO8.

One of the biggest mistakes made by a novice player in a PLO8 tournament… You MUST employ a survival strategy to be successful at PLO8. I want people to come in and I will control the size of all pots to make sure I am still in the tournament towards the end.

Omaha hi lo is a game of making the nuts…

If you are now saying to yourself, “Wow, you do a lot of folding until you make the nuts!”…

1. Hand Selection


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