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You should avoid machines in the following areas:

-Around the bathrooms. This is absolutely false. So next time you head to the casino, keep these slot machine tips in mind.Things You Will Need-Spare money

-Risk tolerance

-DisciplineStep 1Finding a Machine.

Before you start playing slots it is very important to stake out a good machine. Slot machines are no different, if you have been loosing on the same machine all day, change machines, the machine you were losing on is probably just a tight machine. These are some good places to look for loose machines:

-Any machine on a raised platform. Casinos spend lots of time and effort placing their loose machines where they will maximize profit. It is also a good idea to break your bank roll into smaller session specific amounts, say you are going to the casino all day with 500 dollars, break it into $250 for before lunch, and $250 for after, this way you won’t go broke a long time before the end of your day. This article explores some simple slot machine strategy that will help you make the most money you can playing slot machines. Even if you have flipped heads 1000 times in a row, the 1001st flip still has a 1 to 1 chance of landing on heads. Casinos that placed loose slot machines near the entrance found that people never went any further into the casino, so they moved the loose machines further in.

-Near the table games, or sports/race betting area. If someone is waiting for their friend in the bathroom, they are probably going to play to pass the time whether or not the machines are paying out.

-Near the entrance. There is a very common misconception in gaming that machines that haven’t had a jackpot in a long time are due to hit one soon. There are better ways to make money than playing slots, so just try to have a good time, if you win, that’s icing on the cake.

-Don’t pick a favorite machine. Casinos want people in line to see other people winning so that they get excited about playing, and get more money changed.

Casinos also place low paying slots in certain areas because they won’t help win customers. You can find a payout table on the front of each machine that tells you the payout percentage for each bet. This may include free food, drinks, rooms, or shows. Different slot machines payout at different rates depending on their programming, slot machines that payout at high rates are called “loose” and are the machines that you are trying to find. Different machines are programmed to payout at different rates, and you want to maximize your chance of getting a machine with a good payout rate. The idea is to place loose machines in highly visible areas so that people see and hear when people win, and are encouraged to keep on playing. Also keep in mind that the outcome of each spin is determined by a random number generator that is always running whether or not someone is playing the machine, this means that the split second that you pull the lever determines the outcome of the spin. Since machines that take larger amounts of money payback more, always make sure to play the highest stake machine that you can afford with your allotted bankroll. The casinos then place lower paying machines is less visible areas so that once people are drawn in by the loose machines, they will spend their time playing machines that the casinos make more money off of. Reward cards are free and they don’t take long to register, so there is no reason to not get one. Slot machines have grown in popularity because they are so fun and easy to play. These machines are more visible from the whole casino than others, so they are more likely to payout.

-Machines in the area surrounding snack bars. Casinos don’t place two loose machines side by side, so if you are playing a tight machine, the one next to you may be better.

-Talk to floor workers. If you don’t bet the maximum amount you may hit the jackpot and only make a fraction of what you would have otherwise.Step 4Manage Your Bankroll.

Never start playing without a plan. So don’t beat yourself up if someone hits the jackpot on a machine you were just playing, you would have had to pull the lever at the same second as them in order to hit the jackpot.

Step 3Always Play the Maximum Bet.

On most slot machines you can only hit the jackpot if you bet the maximum amount. Also the casinos stand to make more money off of the high stakes of tables and sports betting, so they don’t want these people to leave to play slots.

Step 2Understand Statistics.

Statistics can be very counter intuitive and it is important to have an idea of the numbers that drive the machines.

Slot machines have gone from a marginal game at most casinos to one of the main attractions. Base your play solely on performance.

-Try the machine next to you. Place strict limits on how much you are willing to lose, and never keep playing to try and recoup losses. Try playing only with your original bankroll, and pocketing any winnings, this way you will always have something left when you go home. Think of flipping a coin for example, every time you throw it the odds of getting heads are one to one. Every spin is independent from the last spin, and the chances of any spin hitting are exactly the same as any other spin. They will often help direct you to the highest paying games because it will keep you at their casino over others.

*Picture provided by Corpse Reviver at wikicommons

. If you are using a rewards card, even if you lose your entire bankroll, at least you won’t have to pay for drinks next time you come.


Tips & Warnings-Gambling can be very addictive and dangerous. People that play the tables, or bet on sporting events don’t tend to play the slots very often, so the loose machines probably wouldn’t entice them. If you can’t afford the highest bet, play on a lower denomination machine where you can bet the maximum amount. Picking a favorite may make it hard to leave when you are losing.

Once you decide on what stakes you are playing with, your next task is to find which individual machine you want to play. Also always play with coins instead of bills, this will slow you down and keep you from burning through all of your money.Step 5Use a Rewards Card.

Most casinos offer a rewards card that lets you earn comps for playing at their casino. Casinos program these to payout in order to lure people back onto the gaming floor; they make more money from slots than selling food.

-Machines near change counters. In addition to being fun, slot machines can be very lucrative to play if you approach them the right way. Higher denomination machines payout at higher rates, with one dollar and five dollar machines often paying out in the 95 to 98 percent range. Don’t get too emotionally involved, or you may pay for it.

-Play for fun

Top Tips For Locating Crossbows For Sale

Because they can be quite expensive, picking the right gear and accessories is important so read up before you start spending your money.

About the Author:

Prior to getting any crossbow for sale make it a point to perform some more research. There are reasons for this including the fact that the way one is held is different from other types of bows that are commonly used. Compound bows are easier because they allow you to let off slightly and reduce the strength with which you hold the string.

However, with crossbows the firing is accomplished by means of a trigger. A reputable dealer should be able to answer any questions you may have.

Taking the time to learn about the crossbow is the easiest way to prevent making a purchasing mistake. When you shoot a recurve bow you need to constantly pull back on the string with full force or the arrow will fly. With a standard bow, you use arrows and with crossbows quarrels are used. You may also need to obtain a special permit to own or transport one as well.

By: Philip Cross

Are you someone who has seen crossbows for sale and are looking for more information on them? There is a lot you need to know before you purchase and use one. In fact, compound bows are used much less frequently than either compound or recurve bows so if you have never seen one used you may not know much about them.

With compound and recurve bows you are responsible for drawing the string back and holding it at the draw. Because they are so easy to fire and aim they have historically been seen in a different light than other archery equipment. But choosing the right rifle is an essential step. This makes them much more accurate when you do fire.

Websites are often a great place to find information and individual models that are for sale. You pull the string back (which is often accomplished with mechanical aid) and cock it like you would a gun. Read this article for tips on how to sharpen your golfing skills and pick … You will want to find out whether you can use one during bow hunting season before you get out in the woods and end up in a lot of legal trouble. McGuire – Would you like to read the latest match reports considering FC Pune City!

Start reading this news item right away!

Don’t miss out on the fresh FC Pune City tactics…!Tags: ISL Teams, ISL News, HeroISL, Indian Super LeaguePaintball Game Sport With Thrill And Adventure By: ParthaG – The paintball sport is very interesting and adventurous. Yow will discover some useful guides on the crossbows for sale website so make sure you take a look today.

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You should know that when you shop there is going to be a big difference between the accessories and equipment you will purchase for a crossbow and those that you will purchase for any other type of bow. It is this scope and the way that these bows fire that makes them much more accurate on average than a similar compound or recurve set up. Tags: hunting blinds for saleFootball – Reside Scores On Your Computer By: Kain Black – Nowgoal livescore sites provide match live scores, schedules, statistics, results and news to all the sports fans.

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(1) fastest update, instant scores, comprehensive, cover worldwide leagues;

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If you like to play athletic games to bond with family or to relate to your co-workers, consider playing golf. You can then keep it cocked and ready to fire until you have aimed. You may want to find out information such as the draw weight, what kind of sight (if any) comes with it and any other pertinent information as well. There are also sights and other accessories designed to increase your accuracy.

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Tips To Purchase A Softball Pitching Machine

This device is designed to give a favor in training softball and baseball. It also allows you to pitch within a range of space, rather than to a fixed spot every time.

Talking about the feature, a softball pitching machine should be equipped with wheels, vertical pivot, swivel, motor, and peripherals. For the power source, choose those working on 110vAC/1000 watts. While you are selecting a pitching machine for softball, make sure that the swivel head turns on a horizontal plane within a specified number of degrees. Then, there are some parts included into those called peripheral. By those articles you may take consideration on best device you are wishing to buy.

Pitching machine is an important softball and baseball tool that you must have. It means that if there is no main power, you can use a generator to turn the machine on.

Let’s move on to vertical pivot. As this part is mostly sold separately, ensure that you purchase a pitching machine which is feeder-compatible.

About the Author:

If you are interested in purchasing softball pitching machines you probably need some info on tennis pitching machine. You may also check whether it is compatible with RIF or other training balls. Most experienced and skilled softball and baseball players utilize the machine to train better swing technique and to practice hitting high-speed and trick pitches.

A softball pitching machine must be equipped with options specific to the sport. The first part is feeder which is functioned to hold a quantity of balls and take them into the machine one at a time. The revolutions per minute are designed to determine the pitch speed. A softball pitching machine should be supported with 1/4 hp motors. For your information, some machines are convertible, using a differently shaped chute for baseball and softball.

Speaking on wheel, a pitching machine for softball can have one or two spinning wheels which project the ball upon contact. There are some points on this machine that you should consider before you buy it. Then, first thing you have to pay attention is the capacity in which it can be used to release underhand throws. The vertical pivot should simulate fly balls, pop ups and ground balls. This machine head rocks front to back, changing the angle of the pitch. Thus you can check the following to find standard features of a pitching machine for softball.

At last, make sure that your pitching machine is compatible for softball since some of the machines are designed to operate with specific balls. This part allows you to switch on and off from the batter’s box. Make sure that you get pitching machine which is specially made for softball. On the other hand, the wheel speed sets variations which affect the pitch types, such as curve balls. It is suggested that you look for a machine which is able to accommodate fast and slowpitch play, as well as risers and drops, depending on your skill level. The wheels can be either hard rubber or pneumatic (air filled). Then, it must feature handedness (right and left) is determined by spin direction.. Thus, we hope this article useful for you in finding the most appropriate softball pitching machine.

In-Line Switch is another consideration before buying the machine. Now we are going to talk about another feature

Casino-Gaming :: Learn PLO8 Strategy from One Of The World’s Premier Players

there will be 3 or more different cards 8 or lower on the board.

2 Low Cards (example A-2-J-Q), probability of making a low by river = 24%

3 Low Cards (example A-3-4-K) probability of making a low by river = 40%

4 Low Cards (example 3-4-7-8) probability of making a low by river = 49%

If you are constantly playing cards without low possibilities and missing draws, you will deplete your chips in no time. If you are drawing give yourself the opportunity to win part of the pot when you miss your high hand draw but still complete the low. Bottom line here, you are on a flush draw to try to get lucky to get your chips back. especially when they have the second nut low. Omaha hi lo is a game of making the nuts… REPEAT: OMAHA HI LO IS A NUT GAME! Low ends of straights, king high flushes, and non-nut full houses (occasionally top full houses) will often be the end of a bad player’s tournament.


1. bet enough to slowly build the pot so if you hit your high draw you can quarter the hell out of the other low ;). What do you do?

In a dealt omaha hi lo hand there is a 60% chance of a low being possible by the river… Once again, (in the vast majority of instances)you cannot win here. The flop heads up comes A46 with 2 hearts. If you continue in this hand, you will end up putting MANY or ALL of your chips into the pot and hoping to get lucky to get them back… See how the action goes. If you do make a low heads up against a raise, too often you will get quartered and lose chips to the same low and a better high. YOU CANNOT WIN HERE! I will still fold this hand most times with 3 way action… You cannot ever gain chips in this pot t. PERIOD! It was the best hold em advice that I could get as a beginning player.

The low is made by your opponent. I don’t care if I have AA23 double suited. Putting Your Chips In The Pot In Hopes To get Them Back.


I will limit this blog to the 3 most important topics to master to become a winning player at PLO8. and the ones that do will stand very little chance against the sharks they are now in the water with.

When I first started playing hold em, I was given the advice that hold em was a high card game…. They are SURE you would have bet the nut low already and now assume you only made a high hand.

Quality Starting Hands












A-2-x-x (with suited ace)



2-3-4-5 (Muck when no ace and other low card is flopped)





2-3-4-x (fold when no ace and other low card hits the flop)

Any four cards between a 10 and ace

You have absolutely no flush potential. I believe it is the easiest game to take advantage of bad players. although I will check this flop with 3 or more way action.

A-2 with a big pair or double suited I will min raise, All other premium starting hands I will limp.

MuckItForMe (Party Poker up until end of 2006)

ChiCubbies07 (Full Tilt after Party Poker banned US players 2006)

These statistics do NOT include cash games and sit and go tournaments.


Case study #2: You have A45K with nut hearts. You bet and your opponent makes a pot size raise. calling small bets is OK.

Time to get my “brag” on… The flop comes 864 with 2 hearts. NEWSFLASH: It is possible for more than one player to have the nut low.

The nut low, by itself, can be one of the biggest chip drainers in PLO8. or any pot limit tournament, is failure to understand the importance of controlling the size of the pot.

Many players will like this hand in the late stages of the tournament. Again you are heads up. Your opponent bets pot. Pot Control

3. All too often you will get 1/4 or 1/6th or even less of a monster pot which will cost you a ton of chips.

Correct Answer: FOLD!

There are so many aspects to consider to play winning PLO8. What do you do?

If you are now saying to yourself, “Wow, you do a lot of folding until you make the nuts!”…

How to play a low draw? Check! If you only have the nut low draw and zero high draw, do not call a bet of any significant size… Unlike hold em, there will be very few bad players that get lucky and advance… You MUST employ a survival strategy to be successful at PLO8. I have played over 20,000 PLO8 tournaments and have learned the game every step of the way.

CONGRATULATIONS! You now understand PLO8 tournament strategy.

How to play the nut low. I have consistently been ranked in the top 1% in the world of online players in PLO8. They have other draws straight and flush to go with the MADE low. AA2x or AA3x late in a tournament I will make a pot size raise preflop and take my chances of doubling up or getting knocked out, but these are pretty much the only hands I will take that chance with.

One of the biggest mistakes made by a novice player in a PLO8 tournament… In a multi way pot with a reasonable size bet, I will at least see the turn card in this scenario.

I have talked about survival strategy repeatedly on this website and posts.


Correct Answer: FOLD!

Will I call a raise outside of the big blind with this hand? No. Personally, I do not. don’t put too many chips in the pot without it. EVER… PLO8 is my game.

In the late stages of a tournament, when the blinds are big, I am looking primarily to play two way hands (two big cards and two little cards preferably double suited or at least single suited.)

The nut low is already made. In order to survive, you must always keep the pot within reasonable limits to pursue draws. Will I call a small raise in the big blind? Yes, but I will proceed with extreme caution.

How to play when you flop the nut low and either a made high or big high hand draw? BET! Value bet because you want callers. PERIOD!

How to play when you flop the nut low? CHECK! If you have no high or potential for high. Furthermore, when you play high hands and draw and get lucky and hit your draw, all too often the low will complete also and you will not actually increase your chip stack by constantly splitting pots with the low.

Early in a PLO8 tournament, I NEVER raise… You will see primarily the best PLO8 players in the money in a PLO8 tournament. It is also a poker game with an extremely low luck factor. I want people to come in and I will control the size of all pots to make sure I am still in the tournament towards the end.

Case study #1: You have AA47. Also, can your low be counterfeited where you could lose all of your chips and be out of the tournament after flopping the nut low and being too aggressive? Advantage, when the low is still good on the river, worse lows will usually pay you off… PLO8 is a game of draws and calculating the math of draws, so keep pot size controlled until you end up with the nuts.

Late in the tournament, I will raise several hands especially with position, but I will play wisely after the flop to prevent any pot from getting too large and being my demise.

Allow me to give you this advice on PLO8: It is primarily a low card game… Hand Selection

2. Nut Game


Sports Betting: Vegas odds for the 2012 WSOP ‘Octo-Nine’

Currently 6-to-1.Steven Gee, age 57, (16.86 million). Currently 7-to-1.Michael Esposito, age 43, (16.26 million). Odds will change as the event approaches and will swing widely as players are eliminated and stack sizes grow.

This year’s Main Event winner will take home $8,527,982 in cash and the coveted WSOP bracelet. Currently 7-to-2.Gregory Merson, age 24, (28.72 million). See you at the tables.

. All nine players at the 2012 WSOP final table are guaranteed a minimum $754,798 for their efforts.

For poker players and fans, the next best thing to being at the 2012 World Series of Poker final table is having the chance to bet on the next Main Event bracelet winner and new World Champ. To avoid conflicts with this year’s presidential election, the WSOP rescheduled the final table to October. Currently 10-to-1.

Betting odds vary by sports book and casino, but with no well known pros at the final table to skew the odds in either direction they basically follow the size of the individual chip stacks. Currently 10-to-1.Jeremy Ausmus, age 32, (9.8 million). Many poker enthusiasts now refer to this year’s final table players as the Octo-Nine. Currently 9-to-1.Jacob Balsiger, age 21, (13.11 million). In recent years the last nine players of the WSOP Main Event have been dubbed the November Nine. The event will take place October 29 and 30 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino.

The Main Event finalists are: (ranked according to stack size)

Jesse Sylvia, age 26, (43.87 million). Currently the favorite at 3-to-1.Andras Koroknai, age 30, (29.37 million). Las Vegas sports books are gearing up to give poker enthusiasts just that chance.

World Series of Poker and WSOP are trademarks of Caesars Interactive Entertainment, Inc. Currently 8-to-1.Robert Salaburu, age 27, (15.15 million). Currently 4-to-1.Russel Thomas, age 24, (24.80 million). To learn more about the WSOP, the 2012 Main Event and complete player profiles visit

Get started at Sporting Bet and claim a free bet

Sports betting makes things a bit more exciting. For punters looking for great odds, a huge variety of sports to bet on and different ways to bet, it’s all here. Sporting Bet cater for real sports fans. Some people just like to bet on show piece sporting occasions. They can bet from the comfort of their own home, or even bet on the move with a mobile phone. Others like a punt each Saturday. It’s a nice little bonus and a great way to get started. The bookmakers don’t always get it right. Just sign up for a new account to claim that free credit and start betting online.

Sporting Bet is one of the most popular online betting operations out there. Handy when receiving that hot tip.. Not all online sports betting sites are the same. It’s where serious fans and punters come to bet.

Just think what could happen in a big match or race. That Sporting Bet free bet could lead to a big win. No matter what people want to bet on and no matter where in the world that event is taking place they can get odds from this bookmaker. Sports fans don’t have to take trip down to the betting shop. Sports fans can pit their knowledge and wits against the bookmakers and potentially win big.

New customers signing up at the site can qualify for a Sporting Bet free bet. It’s a great way to liven up a big event like the Grand National or the FA cup final. Punters can start betting online without having to even stake a penny of their own money. There’s no catch, just free credit simply for signing up. Their sports betting covers the big wide world of sports. The skill is in looking for weaknesses in the line

Why You Will Lose Money by Sports Betting

Itis very unlikely that you will ever get the odds needed to complete a book. Chelsea are expected to win most of their games and so the oddsfor Chelsea to win are very low, whereas the odds on the other team to win andthe draw are quite high. It is all down to maths. They offer generousincentives for you to join them with some sites offering to match your depositup to 200 and do you know why? It’s because they know that they will get theirmoney back plus most of yours.

The only people who are making money out of gambling are the bookmakers;the exchanges and the spammers who sell systems that promise you the earth.Don’t fall for it; within a few months they will be selling another systembecause their earlier ones don’t work.

Theonly person to win is the bookmaker, when did you ever see a bookmaker riding abicycle? Never is the answer. If Chelsea draw then I lose 10, I can only winif Chelsea wins.

Gambling over the Internet

Sportsbetting has never been easier to do. I place a 10 bet on Chelsea to win

Even if you do become successful and manage a winning streak,the chances are that bookmakers will limit or even suspend your account and insome cases just refuse to pay out. Youmay even manage it once but then to keep on doing it, is very unlikely.

Betting Exchanges

A betting exchange is different to a usual bookmaker because youare matching your back bet with a lay bet placed by someone else. The odds just don’t allow it. The exchangetakes a 5% cut from the winner of the bet. Exchanges usebots (software) to keep the odds markets artificially fluid that ensure thatpeople will bet more, especially when an event is in running.

Someone else bets 10 that Chelsea will not win.

If Chelsea wins then I win 10 – 5%. A very simple example:

You could win eight times out of ten then lose all your profitson the two games Chelsea lost or drew. In other words, the more successful youbecome then the less you will actually win until eventually you lose any profitthat you gained.

That was a very simplistic example. In reality it’s much morecomplicated. There are literally thousands of sites onthe Internet all dying to get their hands on your money. Nowadays, there is a way for you to become thebookmaker, due to the emergence of Betting Exchanges such as Betfair andBetdaq.

Intheory you can become the bookmaker by laying every outcome so that you willmake a small profit once you have paid out to the winner. In practice making abook (as they call it) is almost impossible. It is these differences in the betting odds thatensure that you will never win at sports betting.

Can you see that I am at a disadvantage from the start? IfChelsea lose then I lose 10

Philippines Election – Who is the best for the Gambling Industry? :

The next decade should focus on getting the last 2 licensees to open up their IRs, continuing the gains in the Licensing Division, and hopefully, resolving how PAGCOR exits as an operator.

There are still a couple of days left before the country elects its next president. Previously, the state-run regulator operated most casinos under its Casino Filipino brand. Weve survived a substantial number of poor administrations. Part of that is because local business is smart enough to work its way past the bureaucratic ineptitude. They should get out of the casino business, and lower their share so the bigger players get into the Philippines.

Majority of the players talked to stressed the need for Pagcor to get out of the casino business and just focus its attention entirely on regulating gambling operations in the country.

Casinos in Pagcors Entertainment City also reported spikes in total revenues. [With Duterte], I look at that group and see that they might run a small town, Davao, but give them the keys to Malacanang, its going to be like kids in a candy store. Authorities have said in the past that foreigners who are found guilty of an election offense shall be punished with deportation after he has served his prison sentence.

Pagcor serves three crucial roles: regulate and operate all games of chance, especially casinos; generate funds for the governments infrastructure and socio-civic projects; and boost local tourism. That means she may study the gaming issue from all sides before coming up with a position.

The past decade has seen the sale of four licenses to private operators, and the opening of two world class facilities in Entertainment City, plus the professionalization of PAGCORs Gaming and Licensing Division. Melco Crown Philippines, which operates City of Dreams Manila, said its total net operating revenues surged to PHP13.73 billion in 2015 from PHP430.20 million in 2014. Thats a solid base on which to build, Executive B said. Rodrigo Duterte is a slightly negative because he tends to flip-flop on the issue.

Executive A added, It is important for the industry that the next president divests [Pagcor] of all its gaming operations and establishes itself purely as a regulator.

But now that Aquino will hand over the reins to his successor, the gambling industrys future prospects has become uncertain.

Poe is the biggest question, Executive B, who works in the industry as an operator, said. The only candidate that has announced a policy to dismantle Pagcors operations is Grace Poe, and as a person of unquestionable integrity, she will make sure [the] next Pagcor chairman is also of unquestionable integrity.

The next president should resolve the CEZA issue, fold that into Pagcor, and make the licensed gaming a true, solid contributor to GDP, Executive B said.

Executive C, who works in Pagcors Entertainment City, said both Roxas and Poe lean on the conservative side, while Duterte might be willing to play ball more even though he tends to be vague with his plans.

More specifically, gambling sector needs a leader who has the political will to deal with sensitive issues such as CEZA and Pagcor, which currently works as both a regulator and an operator, making it a direct competition with the casinos it regulates.

According to Pagcor Chairman Cristino Naguiat, gross gaming revenue from government and private-operated casinos reached $2.75 billion in 2015, an increase of 17 percent from 2014.

So I strongly believe that whoever is elected will be fine for gaming, because there is enough bureaucratic momentum on the PAGCOR side to keep things moving, and because smart businessmen like those running the IRs will successfully lobby to get a PAGCOR board that will continue the foundations out in place, especially on the licensing side, Executive B said. According to Executive C, Pagcor should become more of the Nevada Gaming Commission, a regulatory body, and auction off their casinos. I wouldnt be surprised if they get more aggressive on the Pagcor front and open up more games, locations and such.

If the wrong people gets [Dutertes] ears first, he may shoot out a poorly though out statement and then have issues backtracking once wiser heads have stepped in, the executive said.

Which president is good for Philippine gaming?

One executive believes Senator Grace Poe could be the best choice for the industry, if only because she has unquestionable integrity who will make sure that the next chairman of the state-run regulator Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. Bloomberry Resorts also said its total revenues grew by 7 percent from PHP32.11 billion in 2014 to PHP34.36 billion last year.

May the best candidate win

Even industry operators are hedging their bets on who should next lead the country.

Aside from City of Dreams manila and Solaire Resort and Casino, two more integrated resorts are scheduled to open in the 120-hectare development in the next few years: Universal Entertainment and Tiger ResortsManila Bay Resorts, and Genting Group and Alliance Global GroupsResorts World Bayshore.

If the longstanding industry players were asked, the past decade has been good to the Philippine gambling industry, and the next 10 years should see the sector continue its good growth run.

As we operate in a highly regulated environment, it is important that the next leader is someone of unquestionable integrity, Executive A told (Pagcor) will also be a person with the same quality.

But for another executive, Poes tendency to tread carefully on issues could be a cause for concern.

Executive B believes VP Jejomar Binay will act strongly on issues related to gambling because he has enough background information on it, while Davao Gov. On May 9, Filipino voters will decide who among the five candidates is the best choice to lead the country for the next six years.

Philippines Election  Who is the best for the Gambling Industry?The local gambling industry has flourished in the past decade, especially the casino sector, which investment bank Credit Suisse forecasts to generate gaming revenue of $6 billion by 2018making the country one of the top four players in the world. She treads carefully and isnt prone to shooting first and aiming later. Right now, its a neck-and-neck battle between Duterte and Poe, with Binay and Roxas running close behind at third spot and Santiago bringing up the rear.

Political will to deal with sensitive issues spoke with three executives from different areas of the Philippine gambling industry to get their thoughts on the upcoming elections, but on the condition of anonymity since the countrys Fair Election Law forbids foreign nationals from interfering in campaigns for local and national posts in the upcoming elections. Another part is because poor presidents also do well enough to get a number of good people into their administrations.

April 25, 2016

The thriving Philippine gambling industry is about to see some major changes as the country gears for the presidential elections next month. The growth can be partly credited to President Benigno Aquino IIIs administration that has worked hard to support the casino industry, which it regards as critical to the economy.

Plans for the next decade

One thing is certain for the gaming industry: Whoever wins will have the work cut out for him or her.

In comparison, Mar Roxas is expected to deal with the gaming industry most politically, using a with-us or against-us barometer of whether he will be supportive of the industry or not.

The industry, however, has one clear requirement for whoever wins the election: political will.

I dont see [Roxas and Poe] enlarging the reach of gaming, the executive told The recent years, however, have seen Pagcor granting licenses to private entities that plan to develop luxury integrated resorts and casino hotels in Entertainment City and Newport City.

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5 Consequences That Can Result From This Addiction

If you are a recreational gambler and have the good fortune of being in control of your gambling behavior, this may not be the case.

Many of you may have experienced some of these painful effects of gambling. Regardless of how long it takes, the effects of gambling problems/addiction can be truly devastating.

It is hoped, however, that you did not experience too much devastation from gambling, and that your life is still okay.

A gambling problem can result in a lot of pain in many areas of our life. That is if you have a gambling addiction. Things do get better.

Below I will outline some of the consequences that you could have if you continue on this path. Some of you may have gone into extreme debt, lost your home, experienced poor health, lost your job, and lost your family.. The earlier you catch it and arrest the process, the more you will see improvement in your life. Gambling addiction is truly a path to self-destruction, and nothing good can come out of this addiction.

Even when you win, you will eventually lose everything. Sometimes the consequences happen swiftly, and other times it can happen over a period of years